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Why Printme

Read on, and discover why Printme is more than a marketplace, and why the people are more essential than the product.

About Us

Printme, The DESIGNER'S DEN TM is a company that is all about human potential. It came into existence thriving on the idea of producing various customized products like gifts and specific clothing with personalized printing using the most advanced technology.
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The PrintME Team


Our mission is to give the people the power to unleash their creativity. The world is the most creative place replete with abundant creative forces and ideas yet to be discovered and experienced. We dream to bring your ideas into reality.

The PrintMe Story

Our Technology

We have been working consistently to build high quality, technologically sound graded products that are adept with the latest trends. Our technology is at par with the best in the world. For us, innovation is a habit and creativity an impetus to strive for the best. To offer the best and to be the best is our goal.

Our Products

Our products empower you to speak out your mind. They help you express and define yourself. We are passionate about creativity to the extent that we wish to offer products that are world class and as unique as you are. Let your stuff speak for you. Get heard and noticed every minute. Make your presence felt.

PrintMe Story

Every success has a story and so does Printme, The Designer's DenTM. It all started when a youth who graduated in Fine Arts set his foot in the city of dreams "Mumbai." He was and is extremely creative and had this insurgent urge to unfold his creative energy to the fullest.
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