PrintMe Story

Every success has a story and so does Printme, The Designer’s Den™ . It all  started when a youth who graduated in Fine Arts set his foot in the city of dreams “Mumbai.” He was and is extremely creative and had this insurgent urge to unfold his creative energy to the fullest. His quest for creativity landed him in Mumbai where he experimented untiringly to find the work that would quench his thirst to do something that would utilize all his creative energies. His dream was merging creativity with advanced digital technology. Despite no education in technology he never retreated from aspiring to blend these two. It was the time of recession which could discourage the most gigantic companies but for this youth with dreams in his eyes and fire in his belly, it became all the more thrilling. He experimented on just anything and everything until he happened to visit a retailer’s store house in Mumbai in the year 2007. He was mesmerized by the different products, the endless variety and especially the graffiti on the t-shirts. He knew it right there that his search had finally come to an end. 

He being a proud workaholic, this new venture gave a kick start to the artist and entrepreneur within him. Without any doubt he singlehandedly purchased the technologically advanced digital machinery to start his customized products. Lack of not being technically sound and no team to handle all this did not hinder his determination. These challenges to him were his adventure rides.